Electrical conductivity of some common solutions

Conductivity of a solution

Conductivity of a solution appears a very simple measurement. Probe goes in, number comes out. Simple? While a number certainly comes out whether that number has any meaning requires slightly more careful handling.


TIC/TOC – measuring carbon

Meausring the carbon content of soils, sediments and rocks is a key measurement in geochemistry and other related sciences.

BET surface area

BET is one of the few methods available for surface area measurement and has the advantage of being able to give a measure of porosity.

Calibration standard preparation using volumetric flasks.

Preparation of calibration standards

Calibration standards are key to the analytical process as they are used to create the calibration curve. Better the calibration standards the better calibration curves and so the better the results.

Analysis procedure

Analyse this!

When you run an analysis there is a procedure you need to follow to ensure you get the best data.

A simplified schematic of the DI water process.

Laboratory water

From a laboratory scientist point of view, the water we drink it is dirty. In a laboratory we need get our water closer to the school ideal of H2O (pure water).

The analytical balance.

The laboratory balance: a practical guide

The laboratory balance is so often the forgotten object that sits in the corner of the laboratory. Forgotten, that is, until it is called on to give an accurate measurement. There are few things more frustrating than a balance that is not behaving itself and usually this is due to neglect.

The forward method of operating a mechanical pipette.

Practical pipetting: a guide

The overlap between cooking and science is massive. So, when I heard the key ability of a chef being described as: “Perfect and fast. Fast and perfect” it rang some bells; particularly for the time consuming laboratory process of transferring liquids. We may use different words such as “accurate and precise” but the principle is the same. Get it wrong and your experiment may be ruined, take too long and you’ll be there forever.

Technique images

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